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Hydra-Storz Quick Connect

HYDRA-STORZ® is a quick-connecting system that lets you hook up to a hydrant without removing caps, unjamming chains or worrying about cross threading. Access is restricted to authorized personnel. The connector is made of heat treated aluminum with rugged stainless steel butterfly vanes, which open when water pressure is applied.

This configuration makes HYDRA-STORZ® connectors tamper resistant, reduces maintenance costs and is perfect for mutual aid by standardizing the connection to a 4″ or 5″ base. HYDRA-STORZ® connectors can be installed quickly and easily. A whole system can be converted for a fraction of the cost of conventional storz adapters.

Phasing-in operations can be done over a period of time, targeting specific areas each year as funds are available. It is not necessary to convert an entire system all at one time. These innovative and patented adapters are a perfect solution for localities with multiple or nonstandard thread configurations throughout the area.