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Firefighters are Saving Time and Saving Lives with Hydra-Shield Permanent Hydrant Adapters and Storz Adapters

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DALLAS – BostonChron — Time is the most critical element in saving lives and property when a home or business fire disaster occurs. No company is more aware of the necessity of time-saving equipment and devices when it comes to fighting fires than Hydra-Shield.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Fyrelane USA, a brand of Hydra-Shield, manufactures Permanent Hydrant Adapters, Storz Adapters and the accompanying Blind Caps, with all of their products proudly made in the USA. Permanent Hydrant Adapters, also known as the Hydra Storz Adapter, feature a butterfly vein in the center that allows fire and water departments to leave the adapter attached to the fire hydrant at all times without utilizing a blind cap which significantly impacts the connection time of the hose to the fire hydrant.  Hydra-Shield Vice President J. Paul Rouse explains, “Our patented butterfly vein in the permanent hydrant adapters can save firefighters thirty to sixty-seconds when connecting to the fire hydrant. On an average day, a minute doesn’t really matter to most of us, but during a fire emergency, thirty seconds, sixty seconds is an incredibly long time. It can literally be the difference between life and death.” According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a fire department responds to a fire every 21 seconds, a home fire structure is reported every 88 seconds, and a home fire death occurs approximately every 3 hours in the United States. In 2022, 1.5 million fires resulted in 3790 civilian deaths and 12,250 injuries.  Without a doubt seconds count when it comes to saving lives in the event of a fire.

The Permanent Hydrant Adapter also combats the problem of debris in the hydrant since the butterfly vein closes the adapter’s connection to the hydrant and can only open when water pressure is applied. This feature prohibits garbage and rocks from being stuffed in the hydrant and small animals from nesting in the valves restricting water flow and use of the hydrant during an emergency. “As the only manufacturer of the Hydra Storz Permanent Adapter, we have the exclusive ability to equip fire departments with the fastest and safest hydrant connectivity in the market,” continues Rouse. “We take great pride in providing our Permanent Hydrant Adapters, Storz Adapters and Blind Caps to these heroes who run into life-threatening situations on a daily basis. We are committed to making sure not a second is lost in their fight to preserve property and most importantly, lives.”

Permanent Hydrant Adapters are currently in use at DFW Airport, Houston, Texas, McKinney, Texas and other municipalities around the country. For more information on the Hydra-Shield Permanent Hydrant Adapters, Storz Adapters and Blind Caps, visit www.hydrashieldinc.com.

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