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The Leader in Securing America's Water

Since 1979 Hydra-Shield Manufacturing, Inc. has been the leader in the Hydrant Security Industry, designing and manufacturing the highest quality fire hydrant locks, devices, accessories, and valves.


Unauthorized water usage puts an expensive burden on services, budgets, and taxpayers. The need for proven hydrant security is why so many communities choose Hydra-Shield products. Many major municipal water departments rely on Hydra-Shield products, as a main source for security purposes.


Don’t be a victim of water theft, terrorism, or criminal mischief when there are solutions to these problems.


Through our FyrelaneUSA brand, Hydra-Shield manufactures the only automatic inlet control valve on the market today. These valves prove invaluable in assisting Fire Departments to respond to emergency life-threatening situations by allowing an extra man at the fire scene. Fire Departments concerned about having a faster connection to the Hydrants should consider using our Hydra-Storz adapters to speed up their operations, which increases their emergency response performance.


Your Fastlane to Fire Products

FyrelaneUSA provides various fire products, and we pride ourselves on all our products being American-made. FyrelaneUSA is a brand created by Hydra-Shield Mfg. Inc., in 2015 to separate the identity of “water security” products offered, from “fire products”, designed strictly for fire departments, allowing them to significantly increase their emergency response performance and reduce loss of life and property. Through innovative product development of adaptors, valves, and accessories, we provide products that enable Fire Departments to provide responsiveness to emergency life-threatening situations.


As a Veteran Family-owned business, Hydra-Shield Manufacturing Inc. feels it is important to keep our manufacturing processes in America. We take pride in crafting the highest quality products in fire and water security, with all products manufactured and assembled in the USA, where we have been securing America’s water since 1979.