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Since 1979 Hydra-Shield Manufacturing, Inc. has been a leader in the Hydrant Security Industry, designing and manufacturing the highest quality fire hydrant locks, devices, accessories and valves. Unauthorized water usage puts an expensive burden on services, budgets and taxpayers. The need for proven hydrant security is why so many communities choose Hydra-Shield products. Many major municipal water departments rely on Hydra-Shield products, such as the Custodian®, Dome Lock, Plug Lock, V-lock and our other products as a main source for security purposes. Don’t be a victim of water theft, terrorism or criminal mischief when we can assist you with these problems.

Hydra-Shield manufactures unique valves for Fire Departments such as the Pre-Con valve and our Carlin valve. The Pre-Con inlet valve is the only automatic control valve on the market.  The Carlin valve controls the water flow from the hydrant to the fire apparatus and allows an extra man at the fire scene. Any Fire Departments concerned about having faster connection to the Hydrants should really consider using our Hydra-Storz adapters to speed up their operations. Our fire products are designed to save precious time in emergency situations.

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Get Water on Fires Faster to Save Lives and Property!


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Webinar on August 5: Get Water on Fires Faster to Save Lives and Property

Save lives, reduce property damage and protect hydrant security – join us and find out how! Hydra-Shield Inc. and FyrelaneUSA want to welcome you to the first of our informative webinars the companies are launching on August 5, 2021. In this webinar, we will feature products that are targeted to...

AP News - A Growing Trend: Hydrant Locks to Reduce Illegal Summer Showers

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) _ The spray of an open fire hydrant - for generations, an escape from urban summer swelter - is going the way of such lost childhood pleasures as marbles and mumbletypeg. Newark is among a small group of cities that have turned to The Custodian, a magnetic...
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