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The valve lock (V-Lock-Patented) device limits access to in- ground valves in your water distribution system. The valve lock device is designed to fit on the 2″ operating nut on the valve, and remains in place on the valve until it is removed to gain access with a valve wrench.

To install or remove the valve lock device, a special wrench attached to a 4ft.-6ft. adjustable pole, is the only means of accessing the valve lock (V-Lock-Patented) device. Once installed over the valve, it blocks access to the valve operating nut with a standard t-handle wrench. NOW there is a way to protect your system.

In your system, there are critical valves you need to have protected from un-authorized usage. The valve lock (V-Lock-Patented) provides a way to protect your system.

Pictured: Valve Lock and Wrench

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