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The unique CUSTODIAN® HYDRANT LOCK is custom-made to fit your hydrant. This Lock attaches easily and directly on the operating nut, without any disassembly regardless of make, model or style. The free-spinning, armored housing completely protects the hydrant’s operating nut, and only authorized personnel with the specially designed magnetic key wrench can lift the activator lock to open the hydrant. (Ordinary magnet devices have no effect on activation).These Hydrant Locks are built tough! Ordinary “protective collars” or “mechanical devices” CANNOT dissuade a determined vandal. CUSTODIAN® Locks will not surrender to sledgehammers, hacksaws, blowtorches or ingenious homemade tools. Its security Innovation at its best! Ask us about our CUSTODIAN® Lock warranty, the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

To order, use our Contact Form and reference “Custodian Hydrant Lock”

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