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FyrelaneUSA has a quality Storz adapter for your fire department needs. Our Storz adapter is a quick-connecting system that lets you hook up to a hydrant without removing caps, un-jamming chains or worrying about cross threading. Access is restricted to authorized personnel if you use our Storz adapter without the blind cap. (Note: Caps are needed if you are using the other 2.5″ nst Ports.) (Hydrant Converter)

Our Hydra Storz adapter is cold pressed forged made of 6061 Aluminum, heat treated to T-6 with 316 stainless steel butterfly vanes, which opens the Storz adapter when water pressure is applied. The Coating on the Hydra-Storz adapter is a MIL-A-8625 Type III anodize. The outer part is hard coat anodized class two (2) with a black color dye additive, while the inner part is a hard coated anodized class one (1) without the color additive process. This coating provides a more durable product finish to help against harsh environments. The benefits of hard coat anodized aluminum would be as follows, corrosion resistance, improved lubrication, increase wear resistance, increase abrasion resistance & non-contaminating.

This configuration makes our storz adapter connectors tamper resistant, reduces maintenance costs and is perfect for mutual aid by standardizing the connection to a 4″ or 5″ base. Our Storz connectors can be installed quickly and easily. A whole system can be converted for a fraction of the cost of conventional storz fittings. (Hydrant Converter)

This Items could be also associated with or known as Hydrant Converters, Storz Converter & Quick Connection Coupling.

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