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“(The Custodian® has) … proven, without a doubt, to be the most effective tool to date in the fight against one of our most chronic problems.”

— Office of the Water Commissioner,
City of Chicago

“Installing the Custodian® on our hydrants saved the City enough money on manpower repairs and water to pay for the program.

— Newark, New Jersey Water Department

“Since the installation of the Custodian® we have had greater control of our system.”

— Boston Water Department

“Our maximum hourly rate flows have declined dramatically with the installation of the Custodian®.”

— Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), New York City

“This is the first thing we’ve found that has worked.”

— Kansas City Board of Public Utilities

“Hydra-Shield caps have been an integral part of our system since 1980.”

— Charles Zitomer, P.E., Chief of Water Conveyance, Philadelphia

“As a rural Fire Department drafting is a standard for us and with all the duties a pump operator has to perform on a fire scene it can be challenging even for a seasoned veteran. The answer to keeping prime and seamless transfer from tank to drafting has been the Automatic Inlet Valve. That is why all of our Engines are equipped with them. Thanks, Hydra-Shield for making such a great product.”

— Fire Chief Russ Gregston, Kenny Lake Volunteer Fire Department