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(Fyrelane USA) We offer unique products that are designed to aid fire departments and save precious time at a fire scene when seconds count. You may visit our fire products link below to view our full line.

The fyrelane USA Quick Connect features built in, Stainless Steel butterfly vanes that open with the water flow from the hydrant but remain closed when the hydrant is not in use, preventing debris from entering into the hydrant barrel. Using our Fyrelane USA without a blind cap provides the fastest possible connection to the hydrant.

The Automatic Inlet Valve PC3 Model and Automatic Inlet Valve PC30 Model are the ONLY automatic inlet valves that can regulate the flow of water through the valve with either suction or water flow pressure from a hydrant. If your company drafts water, this is a excellent choice because it can determine a drop in pressure and close off to retain the prime in the line and open back up again to continue water flow. The Carlin Automatic Hydrant Valve is designed to control the flow of water from a hydrant to the truck, freeing up the hydrant operator to be at the fire scene with the fire apparatus instead of waiting at the hydrant to turn on the water.

The Custodian Hydrant Lock is a custom designed lock that can be opened in seconds with our special wrench, shaving seconds off the time it takes to operate a traditional hydrant wrench. The Custodian also protects the operating nut from being vandalized or damaged by illegal usage, providing assurance the hydrant will operate.

The Hydrant Sign-Out of Service is a plastic ring that attaches behind the nozzle cap and can either denote a broken hydrant, or with a reflective material can help locate the hydrant in the dark. Our Road Markers attach to the pavement adjacent to the hydrant to aid in locating hydrants at night. We even feature a self-sticking pad that makes installation a breeze. Our Hydrant Nylon Caps are available for color coding and can be ordered with reflective trim or used as a replacement for lost metal caps. All caps are pressure rated, do not require painting, lubrication and have no scrap value. The Hydra-Snap Cap is a lightweight, inexpensive, maintenance free, highly-visible plastic cap that keeps mud, road grime, ice and snow off the Storz lugs.

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