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Over the years we have had the opportunity to serve many Military fire departments with our Hydra-Storz Quick Connects. we have the only Storz connector on the market with built-in, stainless steel butterfly vanes that only open outward with water pressure and close when not in use to prevent trash from entering the hydrant barrel. When the storz is used without a blind cap, the fire department can benefit from a very fast hydrant connection. When fighting a fire, every second saved can save lives and property.

Does a military base need hydrant security? In these times it is a necessity for Fire Departments and Base Commanders to consider. When you install the Custodian Hydrant Lock you are protecting the base water system from unauthorized use of the hydrant and preventing backflow of contaminants into the system. The “Custodian” will provide the Fire Department faster operation of the hydrant than the wrenches they presently use. Hydra-Shield’s Custodian Hydrant Lock is installed on several U.S. Military bases, providing 24 hours protection to the fire hydrants and water system.

We can provide color coding for your hydrant system by using our blank plastic signs or our pressure rated Nylon hydrant caps. The lightweight Nylon caps require no maintenance and do not rust onto nozzles.

Does your base’s water system boarder a local municipality? It might be a good time to isolate your in-ground valves with our Valve Lock.

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