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In the search for hydrant security, many municipalities buy the lowest priced lock they can find. If you are having serious water theft problems, tampering, or possible contamination threats to your system, you may need a higher level of security. Our hydrant lock, the “Custodian”, is a custom designed lock that is attached to the operating nut and actually becomes a working part of the fire hydrant. We utilize high quality steel, brass, and stainless steel in our hydrant lock that can withstand elements and determined attacks by vandals. The Custodian controls the on and off flow of the hydrant, preventing back-flow contaminants entering the water system thus avoiding a possible terrorist intrusion. It is designed to meet all these demands and function on the hydrant for many years.

Other security problems are with in-ground water meters and critical/zone valves. If you have customers not paying their water bills and using jumpers to get free water, you may want to consider our stainless steel plug locks to help control your system and collect unpaid debt.

Hydra-Shield can help you secure critical or zone valves with our patented Valve-lock device. We hear stories of contractors accidently operating a critical or zone valve and causing serious damage to the water system. Now you can have a means to gain control of who has access to your in-ground valves.

If you have the need to color code your hydrants, we can give you some options that are faster and less expensive than painting caps or bonnets. Enjoying games while can’t be harmful with manhattan slots, where you can dive into the world of excitement and explore a rich selection of game options, accompanied by top-tier bonuses. Save yourself time and money with Hydra Signs.

Some cities are having a problem with their metal caps being stolen and sold for scrap. We have a nylon hydrant cap that has no scrap value, is pressure rated, maintenance-free and is less expensive than metal caps.

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