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“Installing the Custodian on our hydrants saved the City enough money on manpower, repairs and water to pay for the program.”— Newark, New Jersey Water Department

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2024 / EINPresswire.com / — Stealing water from fire hydrants is not a common concern of most Americans; however, unauthorized use of water from neighborhood hydrants poses several threats to a community. These include water main breaks, water discoloration, potential flooding of premises and damage to property as well as serious damage to the pipes and hydrants themselves and possible contamination of the public water supply. Instances of water theft have become an increasingly serious problem in towns and cities across the country.

The Hydra-Shield Custodian Lock has solved the issue of fire hydrant tampering and theft in major US cities including New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Newark. The Custodian prevents unauthorized use of fire hydrants by utilizing a custom designed lock which seamlessly attaches to the hydrant’s operating nut without requiring disassembly. It also accommodates various makes, models, and styles effortlessly, and the robust, free-spinning armored housing provides an impenetrable shield for the hydrant’s operating nut. “If you’re having unauthorized usage such as contractors stealing water, or as we have seen in many inner-city areas, kids opening the hydrants to play in the water in the summer months, the Custodian prohibits anyone outside the water authority or fire department from gaining access to the hydrant for any reason,” explains Hydra-Shield Vice President J. Paul Rouse. The New York City Environmental Protection Department noted that “Illegally opened fire hydrants release more than 1,000 gallons of water per minute and can reduce water pressure in neighborhoods making it difficult to fight fires.” Lowered water pressure in the midst of a fire emergency can lead not only to greater loss of property but also and more importantly loss of life.

While the lure of an open water hydrant on a hot summer’s day is undeniable, the risk of injury is substantial ranging from bruises and lacerations to death due to being propelled into oncoming traffic by heavy water flow from the hydrants. “Injuries suffered by kids and adults using water hydrants as a means to cool down are a big problem for inner cities,” says Rouse. “Injury to a child is devastating at any level. It places the families in dire straits, and ultimately exposes the city to huge liability issues. Custodian locks don’t just decrease these instances, it eradicates them 100%! And cities don’t have to do a complete overhaul at one time. We recommend locks be installed in phases starting with the areas of the highest occurrences of water theft.” Regarding the Custodian lock, the Newark, New Jersey Water Department proclaimed, “Installing the Custodian on our hydrants saved the City enough money on manpower, repairs and water to pay for the program.”

Protecting fire hydrants and conserving the precious water supply is the key principle of Hydra-Shield with their Custodian Hydrant Lock. They remain committed to keeping water safe from contamination and poisoning and maintaining necessary water levels for firefighters to successfully handle fire emergencies. Rouse concludes, “We have evolved and looked at various products, developed various products and hold numerous patents on several products. We produce a niche product that has a stellar reputation. The Custodian is very well engineered and has a longevity in the marketplace that meets the needs of cities. Our philosophy is: we try and meet the needs of cities in various capacities.” The Custodian Hydrant Lock is simply the best protection for city water supplies and the families they serve.

Don’t be a victim of water theft, terrorism, or criminal mischief when there are solutions to these problems. For more information on the Hydra-Shield Custodian Hydrant Lock, click here.

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