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Firefighters are Saving Time and Saving Lives with Hydra-Shield Permanent Hydrant Adapters and Storz Adapters

DALLAS – BostonChron — Time is the most critical element in saving lives and property when a home or business fire disaster occurs. No company is more aware of the necessity of time-saving equipment and devices when it comes to fighting fires than Hydra-Shield.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Fyrelane USA, a brand of Hydra-Shield, manufactures Permanent Hydrant Adapters, Storz Adapters and the accompanying Blind Caps, with all of their products proudly made in the USA. Permanent Hydrant Adapters, also known as the Hydra Storz Adapter, feature a butterfly vein in the center that allows fire and water departments to leave the adapter attached to the fire hydrant at all times without utilizing a blind cap which significantly impacts the connection time of the hose to the fire hydrant.  Hydra-Shield Vice President J. Paul Rouse explains, “Our patented butterfly vein in the permanent hydrant adapters can save firefighters thirty to sixty-seconds when connecting to the fire hydrant. On an average day, a minute doesn’t really matter to most of us, but during a fire emergency, thirty seconds, sixty seconds is an incredibly long time. It can literally be the difference between life and death.” According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a fire department responds to a fire every 21 seconds, a home fire structure is reported every 88 seconds, and a home fire death occurs approximately every 3 hours in the United States. In 2022, 1.5 million fires resulted in 3790 civilian deaths and 12,250 injuries.  Without a doubt seconds count when it comes to saving lives in the event of a fire.

The Permanent Hydrant Adapter also combats the problem of debris in the hydrant since the butterfly vein closes the adapter’s connection to the hydrant and can only open when water pressure is applied. This feature prohibits garbage and rocks from being stuffed in the hydrant and small animals from nesting in the valves restricting water flow and use of the hydrant during an emergency. “As the only manufacturer of the Hydra Storz Permanent Adapter, we have the exclusive ability to equip fire departments with the fastest and safest hydrant connectivity in the market,” continues Rouse. “We take great pride in providing our Permanent Hydrant Adapters, Storz Adapters and Blind Caps to these heroes who run into life-threatening situations on a daily basis. We are committed to making sure not a second is lost in their fight to preserve property and most importantly, lives.”

Permanent Hydrant Adapters are currently in use at DFW Airport, Houston, Texas, McKinney, Texas and other municipalities around the country. For more information on the Hydra-Shield Permanent Hydrant Adapters, Storz Adapters and Blind Caps, visit www.hydrashieldinc.com.

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Hydra Storz Saves Time to Help Fire Departments Save Lives!

Did you know that 10% of fires account for 90% of loss of life and property? House fires spread especially fast, typically taking 7 minutes to blaze out of control.

Bottom line? Every second counts.

To better protect our nation’s communities, our fire departments are constantly looking to improve efficiencies and speed up response times by updating current systems with innovative, streamlined solutions.

Hydra Storz connectors are widely regarded as a critical time-saving alternative to traditional threaded couplings by:

  • significantly improve hose connection times (see demonstration video)
  • Standardize hydrant connections
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • Low conversion costs

Fyrelane USA’s first-rate design makes our Hydra Storz connectors tamper-resistant and reduces maintenance costs. Plus, they can quickly and easily be installed. And an entire system can be converted for a fraction of the cost of conventional Storz fittings. However, it’s not necessary to convert an entire system all at one time. We’re also able to customize engraving into the Hydra Storz for a more professional, long-lasting look.

Fyrelane USA is a veteran and family-owned business, built on a foundation of more than 38+ years of manufacturing experience, great customer service and competitive pricing. We help protect our communities by providing a variety of top-quality, American-made products to fire industries that produce greater efficiencies and faster response times.

For more information on our product range or to place an order please complete our Contact Us form.

In addition you can also contact us on +1 855 359 9555, by email on Sales@fyrelaneusa.com and/or check out our Linkedin page.

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August 5 Webinar: Get Water on Fires Faster to Save Lives and Property

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Hydra Shield Launches Fyrelane USA Brand 2018 Catalog.

Fyrelane USA releases its 2018 catalog early. Fyrelane continues to grow it’s brand in a competitive market and brings innovative products to its product line. Stay tuned and check back on www.FyrelaneUSA.com or www.HydraShieldinc.com for updates and new product developments.

Please see the new 2018 catalog here: 2018FyrelaneProductCatalogonline1

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Launching a long-serving, trusted company into the future.

After more than 38 years, Hydra-Shield, a long-time leader in the hydrant security industry, has introduced its new branding.

Since 1979, Hydra-Shield has manufactured and distributed the highest quality hydrant locks, devices, accessories and valves to communities across the nation. Many municipal water departments choose Hydra-Shield as a main source of security solutions, and rely on their products to help save revenue and protect against unauthorized water usage.

As the marketplace has evolved, so has this trusted company. Over the years, Hydra-Shield has extended into new markets and expanded their product line. In order to continue to move into the future, and remain relevant to customers in an ever-changing business world, Hydra-Shield has refreshed its entire brand, logo and website to reflect the level of innovation they’ve been providing to the industry for years.

The Hydra-Shield logo took center stage as the transformation began. The new logo design now delivers instant recognition and a clear message to customers. The company name, which the hydrant security industry has come to know and trust, is now front and center. It’s accompanied by an iconic, protective shield that guards a single droplet of water. Even as a standalone graphic, the new logo distinctly represents Hydra-Shield’s steadfast mission: to protect one of the world’s most precious resources.

The new Hydra-Shield website features enhanced navigation, plus an ultra-sleek design. It showcases dramatic photography that powerfully illustrates the advanced products the company continues to provide to the marketplace. Clear, concise copy tells the story of Hydra-Shield’s unique services and solutions, and how they help customers save time and money every day. This competitive advantage is what sets Hydra-Shield apart from the competition, and keeps them ahead in today’s modern business world.

After decades of service, Hydra-Shield states that while its brand has evolved, its values remain the same. Hydra-Shield is proud to deliver only the best products, services and solutions to long-standing customers and new prospects. This new visual identity has transformed a long-trusted company into a contemporary brand that will continue to serve the hydrant security industry for years to come.


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Launch of Fyrelane USA

Fyrelane USA is a DBA of Hydra-Shield Manufacturing. Our Mission is to provide competitive pricing and quality products with a purpose in the fire industry. Our superior customer service and support is what keeps our customers coming back along with great products. Our Reason to launch Fyrelane USA was to re-brand our firefighting products and give them more exposure to the marketplace. We are offering more products in our line that will give you a better advantage in the market place. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at sales@fyrelaneusa.com or call us at 1-855-359-9555 and ask one of our friendly staff to assist you with your needs.

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City’s Hydrants Getting a New Lock

Vandals bent on opening fire hydrants will have an increasingly tougher time as the city steps up installation of a new generation of locking devices, according to Chicago Water Management Department officials.

Under a $3.65 million contract awarded recently to a Texas firm, as many as 10,000 so-called Custodian nut-locking systems will go on hydrants during the next five years, joining 12,000 already in service.

Placement of the devices will be determined by analyzing 311 calls of unauthorized hydrant openings, officials said.

The new model represents the eighth generation of locking devices as designers seek to stay a step ahead of people who try to misuse hydrants, said Tom LaPorte, a Water Management Department spokesman.

“You never are going to have a completely tamperproof lock, but this has been very effective in discouraging open hydrants,” he said. “In the old days, you might have seen 3,000 or 4,000 being opened on a given day during a bad heat wave. Now we are down into the low hundreds.”

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